Do ASTM F1554 Anchor rods have published tolerances for straightness?

ASTM F1554 specifies various dimensional tolerance ranges allowed, such as overall length and thread length, however, there are no straightness tolerances defined under the specification.  This is because ASTM F1554 covers anchor bolts, which are primarily installed in concrete and rarely require straightness tolerances precise enough to where a plus or minus range would need to be defined.  Since a majority of the anchor rod length is encased in concrete, it is really only the projecting threaded end that needs to be straight.  One instance where straightness could be a concern is if there is an anchor template embedded in the concrete, which is common with light pole anchor bolts.  In this case, there are multiple anchor rods per plate on a designated bolt circle pattern.  They would then project from the concrete attaching to a base plate which has the same bolt hole pattern as the embedded template.  In this case, it is important to make sure that the rods are straight enough to be able to travel through both sets of holes.

F1554 Dimensional Tolerances

Overall Bolt Length Tolerance +/- 1″ for lengths over 24″
Thread Length Tolerance +1”, -0”
Straightness Tolerance Undefined

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