Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Can ASTM A615 be used as anchor rods? They are not listed in the approved anchor bolt section of the AISC manual.

The ASTM A615 grade is a rebar specification for concrete reinforcement and makes no mention of being used as an anchor bolt in any ACI, AISC or ASTM specifications that we are aware of.  Not to say that A615 rebar cannot be used as an anchor rod, however there would be some difficulties in doing this, such as the threading.  The main issue is that rebar cannot simply be threaded as is due to the diameter difference between the major diameter of UNC threads and the diameter inside the deformations.  There are ways around this, but often times it is recommended to consider the ASTM F1554 grade when specifying anchor rods, before considering rebar.  Before ordering anchor bolts as rebar, contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

Are all of the three F1554 anchor rod grades available as hot dip galvanized?

Yes, F1554 grade 36, 55, and 105 anchor rods can all be hot dip galvanized as well as mechanically galvanized.  The only time galvanizing is a risk is when the material is subject to the issue of hydrogen embrittlement, which generally only happens with grade exceeding a tensile strength of 150ksi.  In Section 7 of the F1554 specification under Protective Coatings, it states that hot-dip galvanizing must be done in accordance with ASTM Specification F2329, as well as stating that mechanical galvanizing must be done in accordance with Specification B695, Class 55. It then states in Section 7.1.4 that, “When no preference is specified, the supplier may furnish either..” of these finishes at their discretion so long as the corresponding components (bolts and nuts) are coated by the same process.