Anchor rods are a critical component for a variety of bridge applications such as steel railings and approach slabs.

Bridge Bearings

Swedged anchor rods are normally used in conjunction with bridge bearings. The embedded end possesses indentations, which provides pull-out resistance, while the threaded end projects from the concrete.

Steel Buildings

Anchor rods are required to hold down steel building columns to the foundation. The Anchor rods are usually installed into concrete as it is poured but they can also be placed after the foundation has been laid.

Light Rail

Light rail projects, which have catenary poles (OCS) to hold the electrical systems, use anchor rods to fasten the poles to the foundation.

Light Poles

Light poles are fastened to the foundation using anchor rods. These anchor rods can he straight, headed or bent.

Traffic Signals

Light poles typically require large anchor rods both in diameter and length. They are commonly specified as a high strength steel and hot dip galvanized since they are exposed to the elements.

Industrial Equipment

Anchor rods are used to secure industrial equipment, such as HRSGs, steel structures, and pipe racking for wastewater treatment facilities, ethanol plants, and refineries.

Water Storage Tanks

Anchor rods are used to fasten elevated water storage tanks to concrete footings or foundations. Water storage reservoirs also use many, large diameter anchor rods.


Electrical substations use anchor rods to anchor large structures and equipment, such as static poles and dead-end structures. The anchor rods used are usually large in diameter and length and are hot dip galvanized due to their exposure to the elements.

Solar Structures

Anchor rods are used to anchor solar structures to foundations. The solar arrays are used in a variety of ways, such as solar carports. The solar structures typically have power equipment as well as substations, which also use anchor rods.